Heroes Honor

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Heroes HonorYou can join Heroes Honor™  in supporting families of fallen heroes by giving the gift of a First Fold pendant and by engraving the name of your fallen hero on the back.

Our partners at First Fold will donate a portion of  your purchase to support our efforts to help preserve the legacy of those who served. Please take a moment to read about the military personnel, firefighters and police officers who have so bravely sacrificed their lives to protect our communities.

Heroes Honor™ was founded in August 2012. We are operated 100% by volunteers and are committed to sound fiscal responsibility. We are proud of our organization, stand behind our fundraising efforts, and continuously strive to keep administrative, operation, and fundraising costs as low as possible. The vast majority of our funds go directly to programs and services for those we serve. In a head-to head comparison with similar organizations, Heroes Honor™ is a leader in fundraising efficiency among charities in our sector.

Heroes Honor™ is an Independent Division of Charity Max, a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and Parent Company of Philanthropies. Headquartered in San Marcos, California; Heroes Honor’s federal Tax ID number for donations under Charity Max™ is 46-0913208.