My Ranger Biz

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My Ranger was started in August of 2014 as a dream to bring Veteran businesses together. The goal is to be able to buy and sell goods from one another, promote each other and network to increase revenues. Through this network we are able to give back to our Veteran community through the increased profits. I call it “trickle down Rangernomics.”Simultaneously as was built, a page within the site was created for Veterans to seek help outside of the normal VA channels. Over 1500 Airborne Rangers donated their contact information and a map was built. Now, if a Ranger goes to the Rangers Helping Rangers page on and seeks help, a call is made to our office and an emergency alert is sent to the Rangers in the area to contact the one asking for help. This includes going to that location to ensure that Veteran is safe. promotes numerous non-profits and associations through a network of contacting over 40,000 veterans with one click. This allows us to quickly notify everyone of events, changes and even alerts.