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therosienetwork-logoThe Rosie Network, a non-profit founded by military spouses with a mission of promoting military family-owned businesses to the public by making it easier to connect with them. The Rosie Network was founded by Stephanie Brown, Robin Elliott, and Jill Ivie after Stephanie spent hours searching Angie’s List and Craigslist for a contractor to do repair work on her home. Not comfortable having someone unknown coming into their house and preferring to hire a veteran, Stephanie set about creating a means for the American public to locate our nation’s military family-owned businesses.

What makes The Rosie Network different from those “other” lists? First, their a NETWORK, not just a list. They only feature military family-owned businesses on their Rosie’s List search tool, but they don’t stop there. Through their network of like-minded partners, they provide access to valuable business support & resources, on-line entrepreneurial training, mentoring and more! All at no cost to our military members or their families, whether that business is ‘just an idea’ or ready to expand!

The Rosie Network provides a URL-friendly Business Profile Webpages complete with a photo gallery, content tabs, a place for testimonials and more! This profile page is customized to suit your business needs. If you’d like to keep up-to-date on their progress, just enter your email address on their Home Page. The Rosie Network also addresses the needs of transitioning veterans and already established veteran-owned businesses by offering military family-owned businesses more than just a profile page on Rosie’s List with resources such as:

  • Opportunities to attend entrepreneurial training programs
  • Small business start up and expansion grants
  • Opportunities to showcase their products or services to the public during events that bring in over 20,000 people
  • Coming soon: e-commerce opportunities via a shopping cart.

Support your military families and make Rosie’s List on The Rosie the FIRST place you visit when shopping online. You can make a difference!


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Phone: (855) 767-4318